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  • Valeant: Revenge of the Fools

    This post is about drug companies raising prices, but it will not be about Martin Shkreli and his company. (I’ve decided, by the way, to stop referring t… Read More
  • Shkreli’s Fallout

    A few updates on the Shkreli affair: Biogen’s CEO George Scangos has come out denouncing him and Turing, saying that the price hike is a “perversion… Read More
  • Shkreli, Turing, and PhRMA

    There have been a few developments in the Turing Pharmaceuticals affair. Martin Shkreli, after given several fantastically annoying interviews, finally reversed… Read More
  • France Elbows Roche Aside on Avastin

    The potential off-label use of Avastin for wet age-related macular degeneration has been a source of many arguments over the last few years. The arguments come… Read More
  • The Drug Abacus

    How much should drugs cost? That question can be answered in a lot of different ways, and at many levels of economic literacy. But the Wall Street Journal is re… Read More
  • Piling On Andrew Witty

    To go along with the recent calls for Andrew Witty to step down at GSK, here’s John LaMattina wondering if he’s the right guy for the job as well: . Read More
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