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  • Woodward 2.0

    I really enjoyed this Curious Wavefunction post on being born at the right time. He uses the example of R. B. Woodward, who was several years older than most of… Read More
  • Bill Gates and His Moonshot

    The rocket’s supposed to be moving, and it probably is, but everyone knows that you can’t see that with the naked eye. Not at first. The announcer s… Read More
  • Nobel Season 2016

    It’s Nobel Prize week! This morning we already had the Medicine/Physiology award (Yoshinori Ohsumi, for autophagy), and Chemistry is coming out on Wednesd… Read More
  • The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative

    So there’s another big tech-comes-to-cure-disease story, the announcement that Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are starting a $3 billion dollar initiat… Read More
  • Roger Tsien, 1952-2016

    All other topics this morning have been moved down the queue by the sad and sudden news that Roger Tsien has died. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, thi… Read More
  • Learning and Doing

    I enjoyed seeing this question on the r/Chemistry part of Reddit – it’s from a person in their 30s, who wasn’t that good a student, but is now… Read More
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