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  • A Friday Book Recommendation

    This isn’t exactly med-chem, but its focus probably overlaps with the interests of a number of readers around here. I recently came across a copy of A Fie… Read More
  • Find That Pattern

    I have to take my hat off to this guy at the Times of London. The British press recently played a story about how various ancient sites were linked up in uncann… Read More
  • Pass the Popcorn

    Year-end rushing around has left me little time for blogging last night or this morning. But a discussion with a colleague the other day leads me to ask a quick… Read More
  • Climategate and Scientific Conduct

    Everyone has heard about the “Climategate” scandal by now. Someone leaked hundreds of megabytes of information from the University of East Anglia… Read More
  • Real Electrons

    I posted images of real pentacene molecules the other day, but now the single molecule/single-atom imaging field has reached another milestone. There’s a… Read More
  • Real Molecules

    Most of you will have heard about the recent accomplishment at the IBM Zürich labs, using an atomic force microscope with unprecedented resolution. They’ Read More
  • Jargon Will Save Us All

    Moore’s Law: number of semiconductors on a chip doubling every 18 months or so, etc. Everyone’s heard of it. But can we agree that anyone who uses i… Read More
  • Altermune – Real Stuff or Not?

    Kary Mullis is an outlier among Nobel Prize winners. Attendees some of his invited talks in the years after his award will know what I’m talking about. These… Read More
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