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  • Biological News

    Arsenic Bacteria: Does The Evidence Hold Up?

    It’s time to revisit the arsenic-using bacteria paper. I wrote about it on the day it came out, mainly to try to correct a lot of the poorly done reporting in the general press. These bacteria weren’t another form of life, they weren’t from another planet, they weren’t (as found) living on arsenic (and they… Read More
  • General Scientific News

    Kitchen Chemistry Gear

    I (and other chemists) have been talking for years about the connections between organic chemistry and cooking. The usual saying is that you should never trust the lab work of an organic chemist who’s hopeless in the kitchen. I agree with that one – I’ve known good chemists who don’t cook (among them, a colleague… Read More
  • Cancer

    Is Cancer A Disease of the Modern World?

    This paper in Nature Reviews Cancer is getting more attention in the popular press than most papers in that journal manage. Titled “Cancer: an old disease, a new disease or something in between?”, it goes over the archaeological evidence for cancer rates in ancient populations, and goes on to speculate whether the incidence of the… Read More
  • General Scientific News

  • Chemical News

    Nobel Season 2010

    As we head towards October, the thoughts of a very select group of scientists may be turning to their chances of winning a Nobel Prize – and the thoughts of the rest of us turn to laying odds on the winners. I’ve handicapped the race here before (here’s the 2009 version), and that’s one place… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    Chemical Biology – The Future?

    I agree with many of the commenters around here that one of the most interesting and productive research frontiers in organic chemistry is where it runs into molecular biology. There are so many extraordinary tools that have been left lying around for us by billions of years of evolution; not picking them up and using… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Know How to Make Praziquantel? Tell The World.

    One of the people I met this past weekend was Matt Todd, chemistry professor at the University of Sydney. We talked about a project his lab is working on, and I wanted to help call attention to it. They’re working on praziquantel, also known as PZQ or Biltricide, which is used to cure schistosomiasis in… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Lechleiter’s Prescription for Science

    John Lechleiter of Eli Lilly has an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal on innovation in the US. Needless to say, he’s worried: A recent study ranked the U.S. sixth among the top 40 industrialized nations in innovative competitiveness, but 40th out of 40 in “the rate of change in innovation capacity” over the past… Read More
  • Biological News

    Let’s Sequence These Guys

    A very weird news item: multicellular organisms that appear to be able to live without oxygen. They’re part of the little-known (and only recently codified) phylum Loricifera, and these particular organisms were collected at the bottom of the Mediterranean, in a cold, anoxic, hypersaline environment. They have no mitochondria – after al… Read More
  • General Scientific News

    Try It At Home

    Technical book author (and occasional commenter here) Robert Bruce Thompson has a channel on YouTube called “The Home Scientist” that’s quite interesting. Many of these seem to be companion videos for his book, The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments. This is real, well-done chemistry with reagents that can be easily p… Read More