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  • Biological News

    Garage Biotech

    Freeman Dyson has written about his belief that molecular biology is becoming a field where even basement tinkerers can accomplish things. Whether we’re ready for it or not, biohacking is on its way. The number of tools available (and the amount of surplus equipment that can be bought) have him imagining a “garage biotech” future… Read More
  • Book Recommendations

    A Friday Book Recommendation

    This isn’t exactly med-chem, but its focus probably overlaps with the interests of a number of readers around here. I recently came across a copy of A Field Guide to Bacteria and enjoyed it very much. I don’t think there’s another book quite like it available: it describes where you’re likely to find different varieties… Read More
  • Biological News

    Maybe You Need Some More Testosterone Over There

    This one’s also from the Department of Placebo Effects – read on. An interesting paper out in Nature details a study where volunteers took small doses of testosterone or placebo, and then participated in a standard behavioral test, the “Ultimatum Game”. That’s the one where two people participate, with one of them give… Read More
  • General Scientific News

    Find That Pattern

    I have to take my hat off to this guy at the Times of London. The British press recently played a story about how various ancient sites were linked up in uncanny triangular formations – well, it turns out that the same chilling patterns are found in other ancient monuments as well. Read and be… Read More
  • General Scientific News

    Pass the Popcorn

    Year-end rushing around has left me little time for blogging last night or this morning. But a discussion with a colleague the other day leads me to ask a quick question of the readership: has there ever, in your view, been a realistic depiction of a research chemist in some sort of popular entertainment (TV… Read More
  • General Scientific News

    Copyright 1671: I Like the Sound of That

    Thanks to the Royal Society, here’s the sort of scientific paper that they just don’t make any more: “A Letter of Mr. Isaac Newton, Professor of the Mathematicks at the University of Cambridge, Containing His New Theory About Light and Colors”. Along the way, in between making fundamental observations about refraction, rainb… Read More
  • Current Events

    Climategate and Scientific Conduct

    Everyone has heard about the “Climategate” scandal by now. Someone leaked hundreds of megabytes of information from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, and the material (which appears to be authentic) is most interesting. I’m not actually going to comment on the climate-change aspect of all this, though.… Read More
  • General Scientific News

    Real Electrons

    I posted images of real pentacene molecules the other day, but now the single molecule/single-atom imaging field has reached another milestone. There’s a paper coming out in Physical Review B from a team in Kharkov using a field emission electron microscope. At heart, that’s a pretty old type of machine, first invented back in the… Read More
  • General Scientific News

    Real Molecules

    Most of you will have heard about the recent accomplishment at the IBM Zürich labs, using an atomic force microscope with unprecedented resolution. They’ve imaged individual molecules so well that the atoms and bonds are alarmingly clear. I thought I’d put up one of the less-used images from the paper – here are some pentacene… Read More
  • Drug Industry History

    Jargon Will Save Us All

    Moore’s Law: number of semiconductors on a chip doubling every 18 months or so, etc. Everyone’s heard of it. But can we agree that anyone who uses it as a metaphor or perscription for drug research doesn’t know what they’re talking about? I first came across the comparison back during the genomics frenzy. One company… Read More