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    Nobel Time!

    Congratulations to John Fenn, Koichi Tanaka, and Kurt Wuerthrich for sharing the 2002 Chemistry Nobel. The common theme is characterization of proteins and other macromolecules, and the discoveries are (respectively) electrospray ionization for mass spectrometry, laser desorption for the same, and 2-D NMR techniques. I’ll write more on this t… Read More
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    The Bigger They Are

    The Chemistry Nobel this year doesn’t include any household names, even by the standards of my branch of the science. But (as I said this morning,) I think the award is a good one. The ability to deal with large molecules like proteins as molecules is a relatively recent development. Before these sorts of methods… Read More
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    Our Friend the Phosphate Group, Redux

    By the way, just to introduce some medicinal chemistry into this week’s postings, I should point out that there’s another way in which kinases outnumber phosphatases: the number of inhibitors known. It’s true that we went a long time without good structural classes of compounds to inhibit kinases, but the dam burst some years back… Read More
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    Our Friend the Phosphate Group

    As for phosphorylation, I’ve had some folks write to talk about the importance of phosphate cleavages for cellular energy production, and about the conformational effects of phosphorylation. All that’s well taken – but I guess what I was getting at yesterday is that (for example) sulfation would seem to be a perfectly reasonable w… Read More
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    A Strange Compound, In Strange Places

    A recent paper (Ang. Chem. Int. Ed.41 1740, for those with chemistry libraries at hand) illustrates some interesting things about “natural” and “unnatural” compounds. It’s well known that polychlorinated molecules (DDT, PCBs and others) are quite stable and persistent. Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit stirred up some… Read More