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  • Gaps Where a Book Might Fit?

    So what, in your opinion, are the biggest gaps in knowledge that new people entering drug research have? I ask because I had a request from a publisher, whoR… Read More
  • ChemDraw’s Anniversary

    If you have a chance to stop by, Thursday the 25th is the “30th Anniversary of ChemDraw” event in Cambridge (MA). Here’s the link – I… Read More
  • Levels of Data

    Here’s a brief article in Science that a lot of us should keep a copy of. Plenty of journalists and investors should do the same. It’s a summary of… Read More
  • Chemical Illiteracy, Again

    The BBC really should know better than this. Shown is a screen shot from a current science TV series, “Wonders of Life”, taken from this review in T… Read More
  • English As the Language of Science

    For some Friday afternoon reading, here’s an essay on how English became the language of science. We seem, it says, to have gone from polyglot-with-a-brid… Read More
  • That Pew Survey and Its Problems

    A week or so ago, the Pew Center people released a poll on the differences in opinion between the general public and the members of the AAAS. It got quite a bit… Read More
  • Carl Djerassi, 1923-2015

    Carl Djerassi‘s obituaries are all over the press, and well they should be. The history of early steroid chemistry is wild and tangled, with many players… Read More
  • Underpowered And Overinterpreted

    Time for another “watch those statistics” post. I did one about this time last year, and I could do one every couple of months, to be honest. Here&# Read More
  • Difficult to Measure

    Here’s a link that has nothing to do with chemistry: a profile of Bill James. Or does it? As many out there will know, James pioneered a data-driven, from… Read More
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