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    Difficult to Measure

    Here’s a link that has nothing to do with chemistry: a profile of Bill James. Or does it? As many out there will know, James pioneered a data-driven, from-the-ground-up way of looking at baseball, and writing about it. Back in the 1980s, I bought his Baseball Abstract every year, and enjoyed them thoroughly, but not… Read More
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    Science And Dramatic Art: Any Intersections?

    Someone asked me this the other day, and I’ve never had a good answer for it. Has there ever been a realistic, compelling depiction of of what it’s like to do scientific research in any movie, TV show, or play? My own answer is that while the number of dramatic works that have mishandled the… Read More
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    More on Fluorescent Microscopy Chemistry Prizes

    I wanted to note (with surprise!) that one of this year’s Nobel laureates actually showed up in the comments section of the post I wrote about him. You’d think his schedule would be busier at the moment (!), but here’s what he had to say: A friend pointed this site/thread out to me. I apologize… Read More
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    You’d Think That This Can’t Be Correct

    Well, here’s something to think about over the weekend. I last wrote here in 2011 about the “E-cat”, a supposed alternative energy source being touted/developed by Italian inventor Andrea Rossi. Odd and not all that plausible claims of low-energy fusion reactions of nickel isotopes have been made for the device (see the comments s… Read More
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    Eric Betzig Is Not a Chemist, And I Don’t Much Care

    Update: Betzig himself has shown up in the comments to this post, which just makes my day. Yesterday’s Nobel in chemistry set off the traditional “But it’s not chemistry!” arguments, which I largely try to stay out of. For one thing, I don’t think that the borders between the sciences are too clear – you… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Peter Thiel’s Uncomplimentary Views of Big Pharma

    See what you think of Peter Thiel’s characterization of the drug industry in this piece for Technology Review. Thiel’s a very intelligent guy, and his larger points about technology stalling out make uncomfortable reading, in the best sense. (The famous quote is “We wanted flying cars; instead we got 140 characters”). But ta… Read More
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    The Broad Gets $650 Million For Psychiatric Research

    The Broad Institute seems to have gone through a bit of rough funding patch some months ago, but things are looking up: they’ve received a gift of $650 million to do basic research in psychiatric disorders. Believe it, that’ll keep everyone busy, for sure. I enjoyed Eric Lander’s characterization of much of the 1990s work… Read More
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    Chemistry Class For the “Food Babe”?

    I found this article from the Charlotte Observer on the “Food Babe” (Vani Hari) very interesting. A “menu consultant” for Chick-Fil-A, is she? Who knew? I’ve come across a horribly long string of chemistry misapprehensions, mistakes, and blunders while looking at her site – she truly appears to know nothing whats… Read More
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    No Scripps/USC

    The proposed Scripps/USC deal is off, according to reporters Gary Robbins and Bradley Fikes at the San Diego Union-Tribune. No details on what comes next, though – but something presumably does come next. Read More
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    All Natural And Chemical Free

    Yesterday’s link to the comprehensive list of chemical-free products led to some smiles, but also to some accusations of preaching to the choir, both on my part and on the part of the paper’s authors. A manuscript mentioned in the blog section of Nature Chemistry is certainly going to be noticed mostly by chemists, naturally… Read More