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  • Scripps Update

    I’m told now that after a number of faculty at the Scripps Research Institute have objected to the proposed deal with USC, that UC-San Diego is ready to e… Read More
  • Scripps Merging With USC?

    This news broke last night: that USC might be acquiring Scripps. It all looks to come down to tight federal money: that’s where most of the funding comes… Read More
  • Freeman Dyson on the PhD Degree

    From this interview: “Oh, yes. I’m very proud of not having a Ph.D. I think the Ph.D. system is an abomination. It was invented as a system for educatin… Read More
  • Down With P Values

    I’d like to recommend this article from Nature (which looks to be open access). It details the problems with using p-values for statistics, and it’s… Read More
  • Crowdfunding Independent Research

    I’ve written about Ethan Perlstein’s work here before, and now I note that the Wall Street Journalhas an article about his crowdfunding research mod… Read More
  • Humble Enzyme Dodges Spotlight

    Here’s the latest biochemical news from The Onion, which is at least as reliable as some journals. What I think I like the best is that the person who wro… Read More
  • A War On Expertise?

    I see that Popular Science is shutting down the comments function on their web site. Like a lot of news organizations, I think that their signal/noise was prett… Read More
  • Nobel Speculation Time

    As we approach October, Nobel Speculation Season is upon us again. And Ash is right at Curious Wavefunction – making the predictions gets easier every yea… Read More
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