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    Don’t Learn to Science?

    In keeping with the discussions around here about STEM jobs and education, I wanted to pass along this link from Coding Horror: “Please Don’t Learn to Code”. It’s written by a programmer, as you might guess, and here’s his main point: To those who argue programming is an essential skill we should be teaching our… Read More
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    Scripps Update

    I’m told now that after a number of faculty at the Scripps Research Institute have objected to the proposed deal with USC, that UC-San Diego is ready to explore some sort of merger deal. Going down North Torrey Pines Road would seem to be logistically easier than going to Los Angeles, but there are other… Read More
  • General Scientific News

    Scripps Merging With USC?

    This news broke last night: that USC might be acquiring Scripps. It all looks to come down to tight federal money: that’s where most of the funding comes from, and institutions that rely on grants (and overhead from grants) to survive are having to cut back. (There were, for example, a number of layoffs earlier… Read More
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    Freeman Dyson on the PhD Degree

    From this interview: “Oh, yes. I’m very proud of not having a Ph.D. I think the Ph.D. system is an abomination. It was invented as a system for educating German professors in the 19th century, and it works well under those conditions. It’s good for a very small number of people who are going to… Read More
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    Sydney Brenner on the State of Science

    Via Retraction Watch, here’s an outspoken interview with Sydney Brenner, who’s never been the sort of person to keep his opinions bottled up inside him. Here, for example, are his views on graduate school in the US: Today the Americans have developed a new culture in science based on the slavery of graduate students. Now… Read More
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    Down With P Values

    I’d like to recommend this article from Nature (which looks to be open access). It details the problems with using p-values for statistics, and it’s simultaneously interesting and frustrating to read. The frustrating part is that the points it makes have been made many times before, but to little or no effect. P-values don’t mean… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Crowdfunding Independent Research

    I’ve written about Ethan Perlstein’s work here before, and now I note that the Wall Street Journalhas an article about his crowdfunding research model. Ethan O. Perlstein for years followed a traditional path as a scientist. He earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Harvard, spent five years doing postdoctoral research at Princeton an… Read More
  • General Scientific News

    Humble Enzyme Dodges Spotlight

    Here’s the latest biochemical news from The Onion, which is at least as reliable as some journals. What I think I like the best is that the person who wrote this clearly understood some details about amylase and about enzyme function in general. An alternative science career?… Read More
  • Biological News

    The 2013 Medicine/Physiology Nobel: Traffic

    This year’s Medicine Nobel is one that’s been anticipated for some time. James Rothman of Yale, Randy W. Schekman of Berkeley, and Thomas C. Südhof of Stanford are cited for their fundamental discoveries in vesicular trafficking, and I can’t imagine anyone complaining that it wasn’t deserved. (The only controversy would be… Read More
  • Blog Housekeeping

    A War On Expertise?

    I see that Popular Science is shutting down the comments function on their web site. Like a lot of news organizations, I think that their signal/noise was pretty low in the comments. (And that prompts me to express, again, my appreciation for the commenters on this blog – one of the first questions I get… Read More