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  • MacArthur Awards in Chemistry

    Congratulations to Phil Baran of Scripps for getting a MacArthur Foundation grant. There aren’t many of those that have landed in the field of chemistry … Read More
  • A Specific Crowdfunding Example

    I mentioned Microryza in that last post. Here’s Prof. Michael Pirrung, at UC Riverside, with an appeal there to fund the resynthesis of a compound for NCI… Read More
  • Crowdfunding Research

    Crowdfunding academic research might be changing, from a near-stunt to an widely used method of filling gaps in a research group’s money supply. At least… Read More
  • More Single-Cell Magnetic Imaging

    Earlier this year, I wrote about a method to do NMR experiments at the cellular level or below. A new paper uses this same phenomenon (nitrogen-vacancy defects… Read More
  • Scientific Snobbery

    Here’s something that you don’t see mentioned very often in science, but it’s most certainly real: snobbery: We all do it. Pressed for time at… Read More
  • A Nobel Follow-Up

    Those of you who remember the Green Fluorescent Protein Nobel story will likely recall Douglas Prasher. He was the earliest discoverer of GFP, and Roger Tsien h… Read More
  • Overly Honest Experimental Methods

    If you’d like a look under the hood of a lot of research publications, go over to Twitter and check the #OverlyHonestMethods tag. You’re sure to fin… Read More
  • Anti-GMO. Until This Week.

    I wanted to take a moment to highlight this speech, given recently by environmentalist and anti-genetically modified organism activist Mark Lynas. Let’s m… Read More
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