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  • Changes in NIH Grant Policy?

    There are some pretty big funding changes being proposed at the NIH that many people may not be aware of. A concerned NIH grantee has sent along some links and… Read More
  • A Defense

    There’s a follow-up in Science to their story about a situation in Lee Rubin’s group at Harvard. A long list of present and former Rubin lab members… Read More
  • Getting Going

    I’ve had a chance recently to talk to some people who are heading off to chemistry grad school in the fall, which brought back memories of when I did that… Read More
  • Researchmanship

    Stuart Cantrill’s blog pointed me to an online copy of this article, “Researchmanship”. I was given a copy of it from the (now defunct) ACS Ch… Read More
  • Visiting Duke and GSK

    I’m on my way back from my visit to GSK and Duke. I’d never visited the GSK site in the Research Triangle (although I remember the old Burroughs Wel… Read More
  • The Worst Seminar

    Thinking of good seminars and bad ones reminds me of a story, which I’m surprised that I haven’t told here, because it’s a favorite memory of… Read More
  • ChemDraw Days

    Here’s a look back at the beginnings of ChemDraw, and you won’t be surprised to hear that its origins go back to someone (Dave Evans’ wife!) w… Read More
  • Changing A Broken Science System

    Here’s a suggestion for a total reform of the graduate student/postdoc system of scientific labor and training. It’s from a distinguished list of au… Read More
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