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    Organic Synthesis: A Dead End For Graduate Students?

    Via ChemJobber, here’s a quote from the National Research Council’s Committee on Challenges in Chemistry Graduate Education. Their report has just come out, and I agree that this should be a key point for people to ponder: Whitesides believes that the question should be asked whether PhD theses are narrow technical presentations for job… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    PhDs On Food Stamps?

    A number of people have sent me this article about the number of people with Master’s and PhD degrees who are receiving food stamps. And while it’s undeniable that the numbers have grown, I’d ask for everyone to keep their statistical glasses on. According to the chart at the end of the piece, the percentage… Read More
  • Graduate School

    Grad School Opportunity Costs? Not to Worry!

    Some of you may have seen this graduate student’s comment in the Chronicle of Higher Education on his neuroscience PhD. He’s worried about the job market, but takes the attitude that he can, in the end, do all sorts of things with his PhD. But what makes him so laid-back, I fear, is that he’s… Read More
  • Graduate School

    Dealing With Dishonesty

    So, we’ve been talking here since yesterday about what looks like large-scale fraud, but there’s small-scale stuff that goes on inside various labs (often in academia, which is where people like this are supposed to wash out). Many readers will have encountered, in their grad school days, the person whose reactions won’t quite rep… Read More
  • Chemical News

    The UCLA Lab Fatality: Criminal Charges Filed

    Most readers here will remember the fatal lab accident at UCLA in 2009 involving t-butyllithium, which took the life of graduate student Sheri Sangji. Well, there’s a new sequel to that: the professor involved, Patrick Harran, has been charged along with UCLA with a felony: “willfully violating occupational health and safety standards&# Read More
  • Business and Markets

    The NIH Wonders About the Future of Biomedical Workers

    A reader passes along this request for comment by the NIH. The “Advisory Committee to the NIH Director Working Group on the Future Biomedical Research Workforce” is asking for thoughts on issues such as the length of time it takes to get a PhD, the balance between non-US and US workers, length of post-doctoral training… Read More
  • Graduate School

    Sezen / Sames: What Does it Say About Grad School?

    If you haven’t seen it, Chembark has Part III of the series on the Sezen/Sames research scandal. And it’s another good one, focusing this time on Prof. Sames and his responsibilities in the whole affair. Everyone who’s interested should go over to Paul’s blog to read what he has to say about things. He’s not… Read More
  • Graduate School

    The Fox’s Lament

    That hedgehog/fox distinction reminds me of my own graduate school experience. I’m a natural fox myself; I’ve always had a lot of interests (scientifically and otherwise). So a constant diet of my PhD project got to be a strain after a while. I was doing a total synthesis of a natural product, and for that… Read More
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  • Business and Markets

    The PhD Problem

    We’ve had the too-many-doctorates discussion around here a few times, from different angles. The Economist has a good overview of the problem – short on solutions, naturally, but an excellent statement of where things are: Whining PhD students are nothing new, but there seem to be genuine problems with the system that produces research… Read More