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  • How Much is the PI To Blame?

    Chemjobber has a post up on the responsibility of the professor in the Texas Tech explosion case. I have to agree with him: if you’re going to get grant m… Read More
  • The Real Hazards of the Lab

    A run of bad accident news today, and all of the same kind. The Chemistry Blog has the story of a fatality in the labs at UCLA. The short and painful details ar… Read More
  • Out the Door and Down the Stairs

    I’ve noticed over the years that my patience in seminars and talks has been eroding. This started in graduate school – I certainly sat through my share of l… Read More
  • More Than This

    Science is taking a look at the 1991 members of Yale’s Molecular Biology and Biophysics PhD program. The ostensible focus of the article is to see what the ef… Read More
  • How Not To Do It: Water Aspirators

    You need access to vacuum if you’re going to work at the bench in chemistry. In fact, you need more than one kind. Reasonably hard vacuum (well, by our standa… Read More
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