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    The Hours You Put In

    Several people have brought this editorial (PDF) to my attention: “Where is the Passion?” It’s from a professor at the Sidney Kimmel Center at Johns Hopkins, and its substance will be familiar to many people who’ve been in graduate school. Actually, the author’s case can be summed up in a sentence: he walks the halls… Read More
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    Posters and Pickiness

    Blogging time is short today, since I’m on a deadline to produce a couple of posters for presentation. These are for an internal hoe-down, unfortunately, so I won’t be able to share the fruits of my labors with everyone out there in the readership. With any luck, though, they’ll turn into public presentations/publications eventual… Read More
  • Graduate School

    How Long Would It Take – If Everything Worked?

    Over at BoingBoing, they’re investigating the question: “How long would your PhD have taken if everything worked the first time?” I have to admit, it took me a few minutes to adjust my head to that idea, since God knows, nothing in my PhD ever looked like working the first time. And it’s a hard… Read More
  • Graduate School

    How Much is the PI To Blame?

    Chemjobber has a post up on the responsibility of the professor in the Texas Tech explosion case. I have to agree with him: if you’re going to get grant money to have your group work on energetic materials, you have to keep a close eye on things. And the C&E News piece on the whole… Read More
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    Gegen die Dummheit . . .Well, Guess Who Wins, Again

    If you haven’t heard about the explosion at Texas Tech earlier this year, this piece is the place to learn about it. (More from Chemjobber and the newly re-blogging Paul Bracher). In short, two graduate students were preparing a nickel hydrazine perchlorate complex, on far more than the recommended scale, and one of them was… Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    Reasons Not to Go to Grad School?

    There’s an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that’s been getting a lot of recent attention. It’s titled “Grad School in the Humanities: Just Don’t Go”. The author, clearly (and to my mind, justifiably) embittered about what he sees happening, is an associate professor of English who sees no need to pro… Read More
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    I’ll Get Right On That For You, Professor

    I was going over some thermodynamics the other day, and it hit me that this was just the sort of thing I always tried to avoid when I was actually taking chemistry courses in college and grad school. And here I was, looking it up voluntarily and even reading it with some pleasure. A couple… Read More
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    Random Questions, Answered Randomly

    I had some requests to answer my own “Random Questions” from the other day, so here goes: 1. Does it bother you, or by contrast make you a bit proud, when you tell someone that you’re a chemist and (as happens in about seven out of ten cases) they say “Oh, that was my hardest/least… Read More
  • Chemical News

    The Real Hazards of the Lab

    A run of bad accident news today, and all of the same kind. The Chemistry Blog has the story of a fatality in the labs at UCLA. The short and painful details are: inexperienced student, t-butyllithium, flammable clothing, and panic (as in not running toward the safety shower). This is very sad to hear about… Read More
  • Graduate School

    Out the Door and Down the Stairs

    I’ve noticed over the years that my patience in seminars and talks has been eroding. This started in graduate school – I certainly sat through my share of lousy talks back then, but I was starting to skip out on the occasional one, after a certain level of grimness was reached. For example, I remember… Read More