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  • Scrape Off Some Attitude

    There is a pecking order in chemistry. That’s because there’s one everywhere. If it’s a human endeavor, staffed by humans, you’re going to have hierarch… Read More
  • And It Goes Like This!

    I had a hard drive failure the other day, which naturally got me to thinking about backing up data, and about the times I’ve been more paranoid about it. I wr… Read More
  • Looking Backwards

    A colleague reminded me the other day of a project that he and I had worked on back at the Wonder Drug Factory seven years ago. “Seven years ago”, I… Read More
  • Understanding Dawns

    My graduate school lab, like most of them, had an assortment of people from different countries. That kept things at all sorts of hours, since we’d get the oc… Read More
  • Cheer Up

    This is the first post from the new Blogging Room of Stately Lowe Manor here in Massachusetts. The internet is hooked up, the lights are on, and I’m surro… Read More
  • “. . . Jobs That Don’t Exist”

    The FASEB folks have collected a large amount of data on training and employment in the life sciences (start here), and see the discussions over here at the AAA… Read More
  • Pilferage

    One of the comments to my brief post earlier today brought back some memories. Back in graduate school, we were a comparatively well-off group. That is, we grad… Read More
  • The Doctorate and Its Discontents

    The doctorate-or-not discussion is roaring along in the comments to the last post, and they’re well worth reading. I have a few more thoughts on the subje… Read More
  • Doctorate or Not?

    There’s been a lively discussion in the comments thread to this post about the differences between hiring PhD and associate-level chemists. Anyone whoR… Read More
  • Fish Nor Fowl?

    The grad-school advice topic from the other day got me to thinking about another issue in that line. Everyone knows about how hot all the mixed chemistry-biolog… Read More
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