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  • Interview Question Psy-Ops

    Chemjobber picks up here on an interesting letter to C&E News. What do you do, on a job interview, when your interviewer says something that’s obviou… Read More
  • Job Interview Advice

    I find it very refreshing to be talking again, once in a while, about finding jobs in drug discovery. Via my Twitter feed, I note this fine article from Linda W… Read More
  • What’s The Going Rate These Days?

    Time to break out the pseudonyms for the comments section. I’ve had a couple of people asking (on both sides of the process) what the starting salaries fo… Read More
  • Where the Talent Comes From

    I occasionally talk about the ecosystem of the drug industry being harmed by all the disruptions of recent years, and this post by Bruce Booth is exactly the so… Read More
  • A Question for Recruiters

    Some of you may enjoy See Arr Oh’s “Open Letter to Biotech Recruiters“. Or then again, you may find that you don’t enjoy it one tiny bit… Read More
  • Lessons For a New Medicinal Chemist

    I gave my talk at the Drew University Medicinal Chemistry course, and it got me to thinking about when I was there (1990 or 1991), and my early days in medicina… Read More
  • Imperfect Pitch

    Venture capitalist Bruce Booth has moved his blog over to the Forbes network, and in his latest post he has some solid advice for people who are preparing to pi… Read More
  • Walk Around Some

    Not many chemists come into the drug industry knowing very much about biology. I certainly didn’t, not on the level that was needed. It’s not surprising, bu… Read More
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