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  • Making the Adjustment to Smallness

    I have a reader here in the Northeast with a question about taking on a new job that I thought would be of some general interest. She’s been in the industry f… Read More
  • If Not This, What?

    One of my readers, a PhD chemist, is thinking about a career change and is looking for some advice. Having been through a mass layoff earlier this year, I can s… Read More
  • “. . . Jobs That Don’t Exist”

    The FASEB folks have collected a large amount of data on training and employment in the life sciences (start here), and see the discussions over here at the AAA… Read More
  • More on Interview Seminars

    Having had the chance recently to see a number of interview seminars (other than my own, for once!), I have a few more thoughts for aspiring job seekers. It tur… Read More
  • Starting Up Again

    I’m back! This entry comes from temporary quarters in Cambridge, which will be my home for about another six weeks. The second half of that period will fi… Read More
  • Fish Nor Fowl?

    The grad-school advice topic from the other day got me to thinking about another issue in that line. Everyone knows about how hot all the mixed chemistry-biolog… Read More
  • Decisions, Decisions

    I’ve had an e-mail from someone going off to grad school in chemistry. He wants to eventually do drug discovery work, and is wondering which way to go: I… Read More
  • Have We Got a Job For You!

    Since I’m still on the job-hunting trail, after the events described here, I think I’d find it a bit therapeutic to complain about one part of the p… Read More
  • Are You Experienced?

    Here’s a mighty topical question for some of my associate colleagues these days: what is it that people are looking for in a presentation from a MS-level… Read More
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