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  • The Other Side of the Table

    One of the comments to yesterday’s post turned the topic around by asking me how I like to be interviewed. That’s a fair question, and I’m goi… Read More
  • Bad Interviews

    My “How to Get A Pharma Job” category over on the right has taken on a whole new meaning these days, what with me (and all my co-workers) scrambling… Read More
  • Man Hands on Misery to Man

    Some comments here called my attention to a piece by Philip Greenspun, “Women in Science”. That’s not the best title, because his points aren… Read More
  • Hire the Thoroughbreds?

    One of my colleagues came by the other day to dispute a remark I made in a comment here the other day. The question is the role of “pedigree” in hir… Read More
  • What Sort of Training?

    I had some email from an undergraduate chemistry major who’s interested in doing drug discovery work eventually. He was wondering if organic synthesis was… Read More
  • Dinner the Night Before

    A reader sends along this dilemma, and asks for advice: “I will soon be graduating with a Masters degree. I have been invited to interview at a major Phar… Read More
  • Getting Hired as a PhD

    Continuing with my “How to Get Hired” series, tonight I want to talk about getting a job as a new PhD. If you’re in this market, the first thi… Read More
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