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  • The Flightosome

    I got this diagram from Arjun Raj‘s Twitter feed, and I think I enjoy it a bit more every time I see it. Some of that is because it’s a big part of… Read More
  • Watson and Pfizer

    I have wondered several times around here about how (and if) IBM’s Watson platform is going to be able to help out with drug discovery, and it looks like… Read More
  • Nitration Isn’t So Simple

    OK, let’s get physical organic here for a little while. For those outside the field, physical organic chemistry is the branch that studies how and why the… Read More
  • David Weininger and Chemical Names

    David Weininger passed on last week, and you probably have to be into chemoinformatics for that name to immediately register. He came up with the SMILES notatio… Read More
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