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  • Modeling and Structure

    Man, am I getting all kinds of comments (here and by e-mail) about my views on modeling, QSAR, and the like. I thought it might be helpful for me to clarify my… Read More
  • Value in Structure?

    A friend on the computational/structural side of the business sent along this article from Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. The authors are looking through the Th… Read More
  • Free Software

    The folks at Cresset sent me a note about a free download of some software that they’ve developed for molecular fields (an approach you can read more abou… Read More
  • Unlovely Polyphenols

    Here’s a new paper from the folks at the Burnham Institute and UCSD on a new target for vaccinia virus. They’re going after a virulence factor (N1L) Read More
  • Compounds and Proteins

    For the medicinal chemists in the audience, I wanted to strongly recommend a new paper from a group at Roche. It’s a tour through the various sorts of int… Read More
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