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  • Compounds and Proteins

    For the medicinal chemists in the audience, I wanted to strongly recommend a new paper from a group at Roche. It’s a tour through the various sorts of int… Read More
  • We Don’t Know Beans About Biotin

    You know, you’d think that we’d understand the way things bind to proteins well enough to be able to explain why biotin sticks so very, very tightly… Read More
  • Benford’s Law, Revisited

    I mentioned Benford’s Law in passing in this post (while speculating on how long people report their reactions to have run when publishing their results). Read More
  • Selective Scaffolds

    We spend a lot of time in this business talking about molecular scaffolds – separate chemical cores that we elaborate into more advanced compounds. And th… Read More
  • Side Effects, Predicted?

    There’s a new paper out in Nature that presents an intriguing way to look for off-target effects of drug candidates. The authors (a large multi-center tea… Read More
  • Warren DeLano

    I’ve been remiss in not mentioning this, but I just found out recently that Warren DeLano (the man behind the excellent open-source PyMOL program) passed… Read More
  • What’s So Special About Ribose?

    While we’re on the topic of hydrogen bonds and computations, there’s a paper coming out in JACS that attempts to answer an old question. Why, exactl… Read More
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