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  • Another Thing We Don’t Know

    Hydrogen bonds are important. There, that should be an sweepingly obvious enough statement to get things started. But they really are – hydrogen bonding a… Read More
  • Jargon Will Save Us All

    Moore’s Law: number of semiconductors on a chip doubling every 18 months or so, etc. Everyone’s heard of it. But can we agree that anyone who uses i… Read More
  • Mexican Lemons To the Rescue

    Thanks to a comment on this post, I’ve had a chance to read this interesting article from Stephen Johnson of Bristol-Myers Squibb, entitled “The Trouble wit… Read More
  • The Motions of a Protein

    So, people like me spend their time trying to make small molecules that will bind to some target protein. So what happens, anyway, when a small molecule binds t… Read More
  • X-Ray Structures: Handle With Care

    X-ray crystallography is wonderful stuff – I think you’ll get chemists to generally agree on that. There’s no other technique that can provide such certai… Read More
  • Up Close and Personal

    Something that’s come up in the last few posts around here is the way that we chemists think about the insides of enzymes. It’s a tricky subject, because wh… Read More
  • O Pioneers!

    Drug Discovery Today has the first part of an article on the history of the molecular modeling field, this one covering about 1960 to 1990. It’s a for-the-rec… Read More
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