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  • Kinases and Their Komplications

    I’m going to take off from another comment, this one from Ron, who asks (in reference to the post two days ago): “would it not be fair to say that c… Read More
  • FullCell 1.0?

    Reader Maynard Handley, in a comment to the most recent post below, asks: “. . .how far are we from doing at least a substantial fraction of this stuff in… Read More
  • The March of Folly

    Thinking about molecular modeling, as I did in the last post, brings up another topic: when you go back to the late 1980s, in the real manic phase of the techno… Read More
  • Reality’s Revenge

    Molecular modeling is a technology with a past. Specifically, it’s a past of overoptimistic predictions (often made, to be fair, by people who didn’ Read More
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