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  • The Hazards of Molecular Modeling

    A comment to the last post really gave me the shivers: “I like to think of modelling as the “silent killer”. It is easy to rely on it for quic… Read More
  • Clamping Down, or Loosening Up?

    We medicinal chemists spend our days trying to make small molecules that bind to targets in living systems. Almost all of those targets are proteins of one sort… Read More
  • Kinases and Their Komplications

    I’m going to take off from another comment, this one from Ron, who asks (in reference to the post two days ago): “would it not be fair to say that c… Read More
  • FullCell 1.0?

    Reader Maynard Handley, in a comment to the most recent post below, asks: “. . .how far are we from doing at least a substantial fraction of this stuff in… Read More
  • The March of Folly

    Thinking about molecular modeling, as I did in the last post, brings up another topic: when you go back to the late 1980s, in the real manic phase of the techno… Read More
  • Reality’s Revenge

    Molecular modeling is a technology with a past. Specifically, it’s a past of overoptimistic predictions (often made, to be fair, by people who didn’ Read More
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