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  • Levels of Data

    Here’s a brief article in Science that a lot of us should keep a copy of. Plenty of journalists and investors should do the same. It’s a summary of… Read More
  • Sanofi Bets on Schrödinger

    Sanofi has signed an expanded deal with Schrödinger, the computational chemistry folks. Here’s something from the press release: Schrödinger has made a… Read More
  • Not Even Wrong

    This paper is not going to make a lot of computational chemists very happy at all. It’s from Dan Singleton and Erik Plata at Texas A&M, and it’ Read More
  • Is FEP Ready For the World?

    Here’s a paper that basically throws down the computational gauntlet. A large group of authors from Schrödinger, Nimbus, Columbia, Yale, and UC-Irvine sa… Read More
  • The Old Binding Mode Switcheroo

    When a medicinal chemist gets a promising lead compound, the first thing that’s done to it is to start making modifications to the structure. Add methyls… Read More
  • Virtual Covalent Screening

    Covalent drugs have been a big item in R&D over the last few years, and I wrote here about covalent fragments. The whole topic of reactive groups in small… Read More
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