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Posts tagged with "Infectious Diseases"

  • Autism

    More Vaccine Fearmongering

    Seth Mnookin’s The Panic Virus is an excellent overview of the vaccine/autism arguments that raged for many years (and rage still in the heads of the ignorant – sorry, it’s gotten to the point where there’s no reason to spare anyone’s feelings about this issue). Now in this post at PLOS Blogs, he’s alerting peopl… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Leaving Antibiotics: An Interview

    Here’s the (edited) transcript of an interview that Pfizer’s VP of clinical research, Charles Knirsch, gave to PBS’s Frontline program. The subject was the rise of resistant bacteria – which is a therapeutic area that Pfizer is no longer active in. And that’s the subject of the interview, or one of its main subjects. I… Read More
  • Infectious Diseases

    Holding Back Experimental Details, With Reason

    There’s a lot of worry these days about the reproducibility of scientific papers (a topic that’s come up here many times). And there’s reason to believe that the sharing of data, protocols, and materials is not going so well, either. . . . authors seem less willing to share these additional details about their study… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    An HIV Structure Breakthrough? Or “Complete Rubbish”?

    Structural biology needs no introduction for people doing drug discovery. This wasn’t always so. Drugs were discovered back in the days when people used to argue about whether those “receptor” thingies were real objects (as opposed to useful conceptual shorthand), and before anyone had any idea of what an enzyme’s active sit… Read More
  • Cancer

    Stuart Schreiber at the Challenges in Chemical Biology Conference

    I’m listening to Stuart Schreiber make his case for diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) as a way to interrogate biochemistry. I’ve written about this idea a number of times here, but I’m always glad to hear the pitch right from the source. Schreiber’s team has about 100,000 compounds from DOS now, all of which are searchable… Read More
  • Current Events

    One. . .Million. . .Pounds (For a New Antibiotic?)

    Via Stuart Cantrill on Twitter, I see that UK Prime Minister David Cameron is prepared to announce a prize for anyone who can “identify and solve the biggest problem of our time”. He’s leaving that open, and his examples are apparently “. . .the next penicillin, aeroplane or world wide web”. I like the idea… Read More
  • Infectious Diseases

    Sulfa Side Effects, Decades Later

    You’d think that by now we’d know all there is to know about the side effects of sulfa drugs, wouldn’t you? These were the top-flight antibiotics about 80 years ago, remember, and they’ve been in use (in one form or another) ever since. But some people have had pronounced CNS side effects from their use… Read More
  • Infectious Diseases

    A Little Ranbaxy Example

    Compare and contrast. Here we have Krishnan Ramalingam, from Ranbaxy’s Corporate Communications department, in 2006: Being a global pharmaceutical major, Ranbaxy took a deliberate decision to pool its resources to fight neglected disease segments. . .Ranbaxy strongly felt that generic antiretrovirals are essential in fighting the world-wide s… Read More
  • Infectious Diseases

    Another Germ Theory Victory – Back Pain?

    The “New Germ Theory” people may have notched up another one: a pair of reports out from a team in Denmark strongly suggest that many cases of chronic low back pain are due to low-grade bacterial infection. They’ve identified causative agents (Propionibacterium acnes) by isolating them from tissue, and showed impressive success in… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Does Baldness Get More Funding Than Malaria?

    OK, let’s fact-check Bill Gates today, shall we? Capitalism means that there is much more research into male baldness than there is into diseases such as malaria, which mostly affect poor people, said Bill Gates, speaking at the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Global Grand Challenges Summit. “Our priorities are tilted by marketplac… Read More