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Posts tagged with "Infectious Diseases"

  • Drug Development

    The Daily Show on Finding New Antibiotics

    A reader sent along news of this interview on “The Daily Show” with Martin Blaser of NYU. He has a book out, Missing Microbes, on the overuse of antibiotics and the effects on various microbiomes. And I think he’s got a lot of good points – we should only be exerting selection pressure where we… Read More
  • Biological News

    Google’s Big Data Flu Flop

    Some of you may remember the “Google Flu” effort, where the company was going to try to track outbreaks of influenza in the US by mining Google queries. There was never much clarification about what terms, exactly, they were going to flag as being indicative of someone coming down with the flu, but the hype… Read More
  • Chemical Biology

    Another DNA-Barcoded Program From GSK

    Two more papers have emerged from GSK using their DNA-encoded library platform. I’m always interested to see how this might be working out. One paper is on compounds for the tuberculosis target InhA, and the other is aimed at a lymphocyte protein-protein target, LFA-1. (I’ve written about this sort of thing previously here, here, and… Read More
  • Cancer

    Repurposing for Cervical Cancer

    One of the questions I was asked after my talk at Illinois was about repurposing drugs. I replied that there might be some opportunities there, but I didn’t think that there were many big ones that had been missed, unless new biology/target ID turned up. Well, here’s a news story that contradicts that view of… Read More
  • Biological News

    Antivirals: “I Love the Deviousness of It All”

    Here’s a look at some very interesting research on HIV (and a repurposed compound) that I was unable to comment on here. As for the first line of that post, well, I doubt it, but I like to think of myself as rich in spirit. Or something. Read More
  • Chemical News

    Tiny Details, Not So Tiny

    Chemjobber has a good post on a set of papers from Pfizer’s process chemists. They’re preparing filibuvir, and a key step along the way is a Dieckmann cyclization. Well, no problem, say the folks who’ve never run one of these things – just hit the diester compound with some base, right? But which base? The… Read More
  • Autism

    More Vaccine Fearmongering

    Seth Mnookin’s The Panic Virus is an excellent overview of the vaccine/autism arguments that raged for many years (and rage still in the heads of the ignorant – sorry, it’s gotten to the point where there’s no reason to spare anyone’s feelings about this issue). Now in this post at PLOS Blogs, he’s alerting peopl… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Leaving Antibiotics: An Interview

    Here’s the (edited) transcript of an interview that Pfizer’s VP of clinical research, Charles Knirsch, gave to PBS’s Frontline program. The subject was the rise of resistant bacteria – which is a therapeutic area that Pfizer is no longer active in. And that’s the subject of the interview, or one of its main subjects. I… Read More
  • Infectious Diseases

    Holding Back Experimental Details, With Reason

    There’s a lot of worry these days about the reproducibility of scientific papers (a topic that’s come up here many times). And there’s reason to believe that the sharing of data, protocols, and materials is not going so well, either. . . . authors seem less willing to share these additional details about their study… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    An HIV Structure Breakthrough? Or “Complete Rubbish”?

    Structural biology needs no introduction for people doing drug discovery. This wasn’t always so. Drugs were discovered back in the days when people used to argue about whether those “receptor” thingies were real objects (as opposed to useful conceptual shorthand), and before anyone had any idea of what an enzyme’s active sit… Read More