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  • Resistance to Resistance

    Forbes has an article on some recent work of Paul Rubin, an economist at Emory. He’s looking at the situation in approvals of new antibiotic drugs, which… Read More
  • It’s a Bacterial Planet, You Know

    You’ve probably heard of the hypothesis that a reasonable amount of dirt is good for you, especially in childhood. (My kids are certainly taking no chance… Read More
  • They Will Do Such Things. . .

    I see that Steven den Beste linked to me as a general source of med-chem info, which was good of him. He was discussing resistance in treatment of tuberculosis… Read More
  • A Last-Ditch Effort – Or Is It?

    There’s a rather weird legal fight going on between Glaxo SmithKline and the rest of the world. Like everyone else, GSK is fighting to hold on to profitab… Read More
  • Better Them Than Me

    Roche and their partner, Trimeris are developing an anti-HIV compound (called T-20) that has some remarkable features. It’s the first to target a cell pro… Read More
  • A Twisty Road

    The business news has been on top of the science news recently, that’s for sure. Maybe we can go a week or so without accounting issues, mergers, and what… Read More
  • If It Were Easy. . .

    As I mentioned yesterday, Viropharma’s compound Picovir (pleconaril) was turned down unanimously by an FDA panel. This could be the end for an interesting… Read More
  • New Drugs for HIV

    Megan McArdle points out the recent news (which has shown up in Tuesday’s NY Times and other outlets as well) about new HIV treatments with possibly fewer… Read More
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