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  • Zika Cures? Not Quite Yet

    There’s a paper out in Nature that’s gotten a lot of attention, because it’s directed towards therapies against Zika virus infection. The auth… Read More
  • Three Diseases at Once?

    Here’s a really nice paper that points out a possible way to attack three terrible parasitic diseases at the same time: Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, and… Read More
  • Antibiotics From Scratch

    There’s a lot more antibiotic news to cover this week, and I thought I’d start out with some very high-level organic chemistry. This paper from the… Read More
  • Unclean Hands?

    Well, this doesn’t look good: reports are that the Gilead/Merck hepatitis C inhibitor patent case may be heading back into court under accusations that on… Read More
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