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  • Antibiotics From Scratch

    There’s a lot more antibiotic news to cover this week, and I thought I’d start out with some very high-level organic chemistry. This paper from the… Read More
  • Unclean Hands?

    Well, this doesn’t look good: reports are that the Gilead/Merck hepatitis C inhibitor patent case may be heading back into court under accusations that on… Read More
  • A (Busy) Day in the Life

    I’d like to recommend this article by Lisa Jarvis at C&E News – she’s following along with Forge Therapeutics, a small startup specializin… Read More
  • Fun With Priority Review Vouchers

    So in that last post, I mentioned a Priority Review Voucher as a likely reason for Marin Shkreli’s latest machinations, and that makes me think that I sho… Read More
  • Shkreli’s Chagas Maneuver

    In case you’ve been wondering what Martin Shkreli has been up to, here’s a look at his recent appearance at a meeting put on by the folks at Forbes. Read More
  • Antibiotics: Not As Easy As They Say

    Since we were just talking yesterday about antibiotics and the misconceptions that people have about them, this is an appropriate time to take a look at an arti… Read More
  • A Mistake About Making Mistakes

    Most of the people reading this blog have some knowledge of chemistry and/or biology. (Not everyone, though – I get email from readers with no formal trai… Read More
  • Idiocy On Drug Research Costs

    Here’s a piece from the Center for Economic and Policy Research that claims to have the whole high-drug-price problem figured out. It’s “incr… Read More
  • C-Nucleosides Never Went Away

    Here’s a paper in J. Med. Chem. calling for a revival of work in the C-nucleoside area. To some extent, these compounds never went away, but it’s ce… Read More
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