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Posts tagged with "Infectious Diseases"

  • Business and Markets

    Merck Loses. Boy, Does Merck Ever Lose.

    The court case between Merck and Gilead has taken the path that it appeared to be heading down after a Merck employee’s testimony was called into question: the judge has thrown out the $200 million dollar patent award to Merck. All that work for nothing, and all because the testimony of a key witness fell apart. Read More
  • Drug Assays

    Drugs from Fungi, Or Fungi As Drugs?

    This is an interesting article, but a lay reader would probably not realize how many important things are left out of it. It’s about a mushroom grower (Tradd Cotter) who’s been studying ways to protect his desired fungi against other pathogens, and who has an idea about extending this work to human therapies. He’s co-culturing… Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    Want Your Compounds Tested Against Pathogens For Free?

    I’d like to help publicize what seems like a very worthwhile effort, funded by the University of Queensland and the Wellcome Trust: the Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery (CO-ADD). Here’s a writeup on them in Nature – what they’re doing is taking compounds from all sources and screening them against panels of i… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Antibiotics From Scratch

    There’s a lot more antibiotic news to cover this week, and I thought I’d start out with some very high-level organic chemistry. This paper from the Myers lab at Harvard is really nice stuff: they’re looking at macrolide antibiotics (such as erythromycin) and trying to find ways to make large number of variations of them… Read More
  • Infectious Diseases

    Unclean Hands?

    Well, this doesn’t look good: reports are that the Gilead/Merck hepatitis C inhibitor patent case may be heading back into court under accusations that one of Merck’s patent lawyers (a former med-chemist) lied under oath. The scientist involved, Phil Durette, already had some problems during his testimony the first time around: At tria… Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

    Microbial Alzheimer’s: The Arguing Continues

    The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has published an editorial, signed by thirty-one researchers from institutions across several continents, calling on a re-evaluation of the disease’s origins: We are researchers and clinicians working on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or related topics, and we write to express our concern that one particu… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    A (Busy) Day in the Life

    I’d like to recommend this article by Lisa Jarvis at C&E News – she’s following along with Forge Therapeutics, a small startup specializing in metalloprotease inhibitors, as they make it through a day at the recent J. P. Morgan conference in San Francisco. It’s an accurate and realistic look at a world that not everyone… Read More
  • Infectious Diseases

    Fun With Priority Review Vouchers

    So in that last post, I mentioned a Priority Review Voucher as a likely reason for Marin Shkreli’s latest machinations, and that makes me think that I should explain what the heck a Priority Review Voucher is, since it’s an obscure topic if you’re not into the ins and outs of regulatory drug approval. It’s… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Shkreli’s Chagas Maneuver

    In case you’ve been wondering what Martin Shkreli has been up to, here’s a look at his recent appearance at a meeting put on by the folks at Forbes. “Unrepentant” would be an appropriate adjective, although I can think of some others, along with some richly descriptive nouns. He has been backing out of his statements… Read More
  • Cancer

    Antibiotics: Not As Easy As They Say

    Since we were just talking yesterday about antibiotics and the misconceptions that people have about them, this is an appropriate time to take a look at an article in the popular press about antibiotic discovery. ( counts as “popular press”, for sure). The article focuses on the work of Brian Murphy at UI-Chicago, who’s do… Read More