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  • Unintelligent Design

    If you’re looking for some ammunition in a creationist argument, evolutionary biologist John Avise of UC-Irvine has provided plenty in a new PNAS article… Read More
  • Brief Political Interlude

    Razib over at Gene Expression dropped me a note about a petition titled “Conservatives Against Intelligent Design”. I know that many of my readers d… Read More
  • Ban Intelligent Design?

    Over at Pharyngula, I find that there’s a bill in the Wisconsin state legislature which would ban the teaching of Intelligent Design in science courses. S… Read More
  • Poor Put-Upon Intelligent Design

    I was driving last night and listening to NPR, when they broadcast a commentary by Joe Loconte of the Heritage Foundation. This was bemoaning the Dover decision… Read More
  • The Dover Decision Comes Down

    The last time I touched on Intelligent Design around here, things were pretty lively, and I promised not to return to the topic until the Kitzmiller decision ca… Read More
  • The Dover Decision

    Friday was the end of arguments in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District trial on the teaching of “intelligent design” in the local 9th-grade… Read More
  • An Off-Topic Ramble

    Note for new readers: I don’t talk much about politics on this site, since there are more than enough blogs to cover every political position imaginable.… Read More
  • Intelligent Chemical Design

    I haven’t commented on the controversy about including “Intelligent Design” in school curricula, but I don’t want that to be interpreted… Read More