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  • Hydrothermal Vents Weren’t Home?

    It’s probably not surprising, but you would be hard pressed to find an area that’s full of more intractable arguments than origin-of-life studies. T… Read More
  • The Blind Watchmaker’s Workshop

    Did it have to be this way? I mean all of it – biochemistry, the molecules of life. More specifically, as proteins evolve and change, how many paths could… Read More
  • The Urey Variation

    Here’s a paper that probably doesn’t have much relevance out here in the real world, but illustrates some of the problems that we do face. Everyone… Read More
  • The Solvent-Soaked Universe

    I’ve been meaning to say something about these chemistry results from the ongoing Rosetta comet mission, and my plans to attend this astronomy get-togethe… Read More
  • Acetonitrile. . .In Space!

    You may have seen stories about this paper, which shows that the protoplanetary disk around a (very) young star system is full of HCN, acetonitrile, and other C… Read More
  • We Don’t Know What We’re Missing

    I enjoyed this article in Science about looking for hidden types of life. There are, of course, plenty of microorganisms that can’t be cultured (this has… Read More
  • Thermodynamics of Life

    Origin-of-life studies have been a feature of chemistry for a long time, and over the years some key questions have become clear. It’s clear from astronom… Read More
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