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  • Let’s Sequence These Guys

    A very weird news item: multicellular organisms that appear to be able to live without oxygen. They’re part of the little-known (and only recently codifie… Read More
  • Friday Book Recommendation

    Here’s another outside the field – in fact, it’s outside of a lot of people’s fields. Where Is Everybody? presents fifty possible soluti… Read More
  • What’s So Special About Ribose?

    While we’re on the topic of hydrogen bonds and computations, there’s a paper coming out in JACS that attempts to answer an old question. Why, exactl… Read More
  • Mass Spec on Mars

    There’s an interesting analytical chemistry paper in the preprint section of PNAS (open access if you want to read it) that may reopen an old controversy. Read More
  • Intelligent Chemical Design

    I haven’t commented on the controversy about including “Intelligent Design” in school curricula, but I don’t want that to be interpreted… Read More
  • Exobiochemistry

    Back in the early days of my pre-Corante blog, I wrote a piece about some other kinds of chemistry that might be used in living systems. There’s now a won… Read More
  • Our Friend the Phosphate Group

    As for phosphorylation, I’ve had some folks write to talk about the importance of phosphate cleavages for cellular energy production, and about the confor… Read More
  • Mirror Stars

    No longer can I say that the topic of allergenic extraterrestrial life hasn’t been taken on in science fiction. Patrick Neilsen Hayden of Electrolite, who… Read More
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