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  • Now, Let’s See. . .

    As you can tell, it’s been quiet around here! I’m living up to the recipes I’ve published on the blog this time of year, though – I made… Read More
  • Extraction and Salting-Out

    I really enjoyed this paper, because it goes into detail on a technique that organic bench chemists the world over have all used at some point: “salting o… Read More
  • Back To It

    Welcome to 2017, and as usual, it seems like a number for a year in a science-fiction story rather than on everyone’s calendar. I console myself with real… Read More
  • Wastes of Time (And Not)

    Couldn’t blog on the train this morning, and pushing back the frontiers of science has occupied me since then. And news is scarce, as it often seems to be… Read More
  • Laboratory Weather Conditions

    It’s hot out there in Boston today – hot the way it gets in Arkansas or Georgia, but not too often up here. I, of course, will be hanging out in air… Read More
  • Solo Chemistry

    Many US readers are off today for President’s Day – I nearly did what I actually did do a few years ago, and forget about the holiday entirely. I ca… Read More
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