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  • When Reagents Attack!

    Well, since I was just talking about a reagent that can potentially take off without warning, I wanted to solicit vivid experiences from the crowd. What’s… Read More
  • Potassium Hydride Is Not Your Friend

    Noted chem-blogger Milkshake seems to have had a close call with a fire started by a tiny potassium hydride residue. It looks like he made it through without se… Read More
  • The Future of Pharma? Yikes.

    Someone has been soaking up the atmosphere at a large pharma company, for sure. “Look, I’m a chemist. I thought you hired me to do chemistry. But so… Read More
  • This All Too Open Office

    Since the topic of open offices in lab design has come up around here several times, I thought I’d point out this op-ed from the New York Times. It’ Read More
  • Uranium, Eh?

    For those of you keeping count of how many elements you’ve used in your chemical careers, you now have another possibility. This paper suggests that urany… Read More
  • Rating A Massive Pile of Compounds

    Here’s an interesting exercise carried out in the medicinal chemistry departments at J&J. The computational folks took all the molecules in the compa… Read More
  • Fish Nor Fowl

    Talking about hydrogenation here the other day brought up another thought: there’s a point where lab work becomes quite difficult, and there are not a lot… Read More
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