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  • Chemical News

    Extraction and Salting-Out

    I really enjoyed this paper, because it goes into detail on a technique that organic bench chemists the world over have all used at some point: “salting out”. I’ll go into some background for the nonchemists for a few paragraphs and then return to the paper itself, which all working organic chemists should have a… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Cutting (And Re-Cutting) the Research Pie

    Here’s something that goes on inside almost every biopharma research organization, but always happens behind the scenes if you’re not right there at the meetings: resource allocation for projects. That “almost” is in there because the smallest companies don’t have this problem in the same way, since they tend to have o… Read More
  • Life in the Drug Labs

    Pyridine Doesn’t Do What You Think It Does

    OK, this is not exactly a time-sensitive issue, but since I took a crack at one of the most prominent toxicology myths in the biology labs (ethidium bromide is not really all that bad, in case you missed it), I figured I should do the same for one of the persistent myths on the organic… Read More
  • Life in the Drug Labs

    Back To It

    Welcome to 2017, and as usual, it seems like a number for a year in a science-fiction story rather than on everyone’s calendar. I console myself with realizing that I’ve been thinking that way since about 1980, which probably comes from reading a heck of a lot of old science fiction stories while growing up… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Chemical Storage, Good and Not So Good

    Back to science! I will admit that my Twitter feed is going to be rather more politicized than usual for some time to come, but this is not a political site, and thank God for that. I have to say, it certainly brings in the comments and the traffic, but that’s not my goal in life. Read More
  • Life in the Drug Labs

    Wastes of Time (And Not)

    Couldn’t blog on the train this morning, and pushing back the frontiers of science has occupied me since then. And news is scarce, as it often seems to be in mid-August. So I’ll throw out a dual question to the readership, building on one that got started in the comments section the other day. A. Read More
  • Life in the Drug Labs

    Laboratory Weather Conditions

    It’s hot out there in Boston today – hot the way it gets in Arkansas or Georgia, but not too often up here. I, of course, will be hanging out in air-conditioned labs and offices, with no need to stick my head outside, but even so, this would not be a good day to run… Read More
  • Life in the Drug Labs

    Solo Chemistry

    Many US readers are off today for President’s Day – I nearly did what I actually did do a few years ago, and forget about the holiday entirely. I came in to work that year, noted that there was no one around, and realized that you know, this was one of those holiday things, wasn’t… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    The Management Hat

    On this anniversary, I wanted to point back to an older post here: Roger Boisjoly and the Management Hat. He tried, repeatedly, to keep the Challenger disaster from happening, but upper management decided that there were more important things to worry about: goals, timelines. Never forget. Read More
  • Life in the Drug Labs

    Descents Into the Instrumentation Inferno

    Things have been exceptionally busy around here, thus no blog post until nearly lunchtime! It’s that darn real-world lab work again, interfering with the important things in life. In this case, I’ve been wrestling with a recalcitrant piece of equipment that’s crucial to gathering data on a project I have going, and it has been… Read More