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  • The Perils of Poor Equipment

    The late Peter Medawar once wrote about resources and funding in research, and pointed out something that he thought did a lot more harm than good: various roma… Read More
  • Out the Door and Down the Stairs

    I’ve noticed over the years that my patience in seminars and talks has been eroding. This started in graduate school – I certainly sat through my share of l… Read More
  • Fearful Symmetry?

    It’s worth examining your own scientific prejudices and biases from time to time, to see if they’re still valid. Of course, that begins with the difficult t… Read More
  • Old School – Really Old

    We try to be delicate when we synthesize our molecules – really, we do. Delicate reactions often have better yields and fewer side products. Exotic catalysts… Read More
  • Why Don’t You Just. . .

    For the most part, the biologists on a drug discovery project expect us in the med-chem labs to be able to make pretty much anything we need to make. Actually,… Read More
  • How Not To Do It: Water Aspirators

    You need access to vacuum if you’re going to work at the bench in chemistry. In fact, you need more than one kind. Reasonably hard vacuum (well, by our standa… Read More
  • Fighting Boredom, Profitably

    I wanted to recommend this post by Milkshake over at Org Prep Daily (and not just because he liked the recent column I wrote for Chemistry World). I was writing… Read More
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