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  • Five Tons of TiCl4

    I would definitely not want to be downwind of the release of five tons of titanium tetrachloride. This happened near Montreal over the weekend, and things seem… Read More
  • What Compound Will You Never Forget?

    While catching up on the literature today, I find that even now, thirty years later, I can’t look at a paper that uses 1,6-anhydroglucose (levoglucosan to… Read More
  • OK, You San Diego People

    I’ve already been hearing from people out on the West Coast about how it’s seventy-odd Fahrenheit out there. My first thought was “It’s… Read More
  • Tolerant Chemistry: Be Glad of It

    Like a lot of other scientists in the Northeast today, I’m getting things in the lab ready for me not being there tomorrow. (I just ran into a colleague w… Read More
  • Get Your Spirocyclic Compounds Here

    If you do early-stage medicinal chemistry, you’ll probably be interested in this overview of spirocyclic scaffolds. It has examples from the recent litera… Read More
  • Not So Scalable

    Unworkable compounds are one thing. Unworkable processes and reactions are just as big a problem, though. You don’t see as many paper proposing those as y… Read More
  • Enjoying The Open Office

    I’ve conveyed my dislike of wide-open office plans several times, and my suspicions of the motives of those who promote them. Here’s an article at t… Read More
  • That Same Sort of Job

    I was reading this interesting commentary on the bizarre meltdown of The New Republic, when something struck me. Megan McArdle is talking here about how hard it… Read More
  • Atmospheric Conditions

    Well, I’ve been busy sciencing away all morning, and we’re having the kind of weather outside that makes a person want to stay indoors and do chemis… Read More
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