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  • Let’s Check This Blank Page, Here

    I think that most of the large (and some of the small) drug companies have by now made the switch to electronic lab notebooks. It couldn’t have come too s… Read More
  • Seven Questions

    As a drug discovery project moves along, we synthesize lots of new compounds, test them, and pick the best ones to make in large quantities. Simple, eh? Try you… Read More
  • Hydrogenation Made Easy?

    I recently saw a demonstration of a gizmothat promises to make catalytic hydrogenation easier. If it works, it’s about time. This is an ancient reaction … Read More
  • How Safe Is This Stuff?

    Prompted by a comment to the benzene distillation post, I’ve been searching for some accident rate or life expectancy data for organic chemists. It’ Read More
  • The Voice of Experience

    During a meeting today, some of us were making a decision about whether or not to take a look at a particular series of compounds in some assays. I spoke up, sa… Read More
  • Cuprate Voodoo

    I may talk a good game, but don’t let me fool you: I really don’t understand some of the things that happen in my lab. I was talking with some colle… Read More
  • Sneaking Out for an Interview

    There was a good question asked in the comments to the previous post on first job interviews: what do you talk about when you work at one company and you’ Read More
  • A Smelly Riddle

    Here’s a chemical puzzle for you: all of us who have worked in an organic chemistry lab can agree, I think, that pyridine reeks to the skies. My descripti… Read More
  • Lost Arts

    (This is an update of a three-year-old posting – it seemed like a good time to bring it back.) Since I was speaking about NMR, it’s a good thing for… Read More
  • Ten Questions

    1. Did the American Chemical Society realize, when it started the journal Organic Letters, that all it would manage to do is turn the competing Tetrahedron Lett… Read More
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