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  • Talk, Cheap and Otherwise

    Chad Orzel over at Uncertain Principles has a couple of long posts on giving public presentations as a scientist. My experiences parallel his: a 45-minute talk… Read More
  • More Pfizer Explosion Details

    A short, but detailed story about the Pfizer explosion is here, from C&E News. While I was out on vacation, more details came out. I’ve been meaning… Read More
  • Blowups Happen

    More details on the Pfizer accident have been released. The initial reports of a fire in the research labs were only correct insofar as all of a pharmaceutical… Read More
  • Another Shot

    Little time to blog tonight – I was out at a celebration of another milestone in a compound’s development. I’ve been to a lot of these over th… Read More
  • A Clean Lab is A Happy Lab

    I’ve been throwing away piles of junk from my desk the last few days, and I can now see the darn thing again. My fume hood and lab bench need a bit of org… Read More
  • Back to Whatever It Is I Do

    Coming back to the lab after a few days off presents the same picking-up-the-threads problem as any other job. Just what was I doing, anyway? It was even worse… Read More
  • Colors May Fade

    A recent view of Jupiter through my telescope made me wonder, as it usually does, just what sort of weird chemicals must be floating around up there. All the in… Read More
  • More Colors and Smells

    I’ve had several letters about chemical colors. One chemist friend points out that for wild colors, the indoles are the way to go. I haven’t done to… Read More
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