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  • Enjoying The Open Office

    I’ve conveyed my dislike of wide-open office plans several times, and my suspicions of the motives of those who promote them. Here’s an article at t… Read More
  • That Same Sort of Job

    I was reading this interesting commentary on the bizarre meltdown of The New Republic, when something struck me. Megan McArdle is talking here about how hard it… Read More
  • Atmospheric Conditions

    Well, I’ve been busy sciencing away all morning, and we’re having the kind of weather outside that makes a person want to stay indoors and do chemis… Read More
  • Grinding Up Your Reactions

    I’d seen various solventless reactions between solid-phase components over the years, but never tried one until now. And I have to say, I’m surprise… Read More
  • One of Those Days

    I spent the morning in the lab pretty much destroying whatever I touched: wrong solvents for chromatography, dropping things in the sink, bumping solutions all… Read More
  • What Structures Have Turned on You?

    When you ask a bunch of medicinal chemists to look over a list of structures – screening hits, potential additions to the compound collection, that sort o… Read More
  • Absence Makes the Ideas Flow?

    Something I’ve noticed for many years now is that I tend to get the most number of chemical ideas – bench chemistry relating to my current work R… Read More
  • That’s Just Too Colorful

    I have just made the most eyewateringly fluorescent orange compound of my entire chemical career. It’s not in a structural class that normally I would be… Read More
  • This All Too Open Office

    Many of you will have seen this article in C&E News on open-plan offices. Its author, Alex Scott, got in touch with me while writing it, and there are a lo… Read More
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