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  • Beelzebub Pharma, Inc.

    I wanted to note my latest column for the RSC’s Chemistry World, because I thought many readers here would be able to relate to it. I have a series of pro… Read More
  • Throwing Out the Files

    Since I’m in the process of moving my office, I’ve been taking time to do something that’s needed to be done for quite a while: cleaning out m… Read More
  • Evidence Against Open Offices

    It’s clear that many readers here are not fans of open-office designs – and whether that percentage is higher or lower among chemists (or scientists… Read More
  • Positive Rules and Negative Ones

    I enjoyed this take on med-chem, and I think he’s right: There are a large set of “don’t do this”. When they predict failure, you usuall… Read More
  • What Reagents Will You Never Forget?

    I’ve had the chance to use good old elemental bromine this morning, for the first time in several years. I can never see the stuff without thinking of thi… Read More
  • Merck’s Aftermath

    So the picture that’s emerging of Merck’s drug discovery business after this round of cuts is confused, but some general trends seem to be present.… Read More
  • A Decent Smell, For Once

    This is not one of the most pressing topics in the world, but it’s certainly on my mind right now. I’m in the process of weighing out a number of ac… Read More
  • Bring Me More Cute Ring Systems

    Here’s a paper from the Carreira group at the ETH, in collaboration with Roche, that falls into a category I’ve always enjoyed. I put these under th… Read More
  • Stack Ranking in Pharma: Bad Idea

    Steve Ballmer’s departure from Microsoft, snidely remarked on here, has prompted any number of “What went wrong?” pieces to appear. One of the… Read More
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