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  • Gitcher SF5 Groups Right Here

    I think that several of us in medicinal chemistry have been keeping our eyes out for a chance to work in a pentafluorosulfanyl (SF5) group. I know I have –… Read More
  • The Bread Rolls of Synthesis

    Over at Colorblind Chemistry, I came across a quote from Fritz Haber, writing about his thesis work: The thesis is miserable. One and a half years of new substa… Read More
  • Beelzebub Pharma, Inc.

    I wanted to note my latest column for the RSC’s Chemistry World, because I thought many readers here would be able to relate to it. I have a series of pro… Read More
  • Throwing Out the Files

    Since I’m in the process of moving my office, I’ve been taking time to do something that’s needed to be done for quite a while: cleaning out m… Read More
  • Evidence Against Open Offices

    It’s clear that many readers here are not fans of open-office designs – and whether that percentage is higher or lower among chemists (or scientists… Read More
  • Positive Rules and Negative Ones

    I enjoyed this take on med-chem, and I think he’s right: There are a large set of “don’t do this”. When they predict failure, you usuall… Read More
  • What Reagents Will You Never Forget?

    I’ve had the chance to use good old elemental bromine this morning, for the first time in several years. I can never see the stuff without thinking of thi… Read More
  • Merck’s Aftermath

    So the picture that’s emerging of Merck’s drug discovery business after this round of cuts is confused, but some general trends seem to be present.… Read More
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