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  • Cheese Dip and Hydrochloric Acid

    One of the more wide-ranging on my “Lowe’s Laws of the Lab” list is this: The secret of success in synthetic chemistry is knowing what you can afford not… Read More
  • Yet Another Law

    It’s been too long since I added another to my list of “Lowe’s Laws of the Lab”. They’re something I came up with in graduate scho… Read More
  • Another Law of the Lab

    This time, it’s the libelous assertion that: You should only believe yields in Tetrahedron Letters papers if you also send off for everything you see adve… Read More
  • Think Twice

    Time for another one of Lowe’s Laws of the Lab. This time, it’s some more advice for synthetic organic chemists, but it applies to many other situat… Read More
  • Law Number One

    Three years ago (the Silurian era in blog time) I starting a series on “Lowe’s Laws of the Lab.” Time to bring them back, because I’d li… Read More