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  • How Many PPIs Does the World Need?

    The topic of “me too” drugs has come up quite a bit around here over the years. For the most part, I’m a defender, although there are some places I draw t… Read More
  • By a Nose in a Head to Head

    One of the other incorrect lessons that people might take away from the press accounts of the antipsychotic trial is that drug companies have been comparing the… Read More
  • No Clear Winners

    You’ve probably seen the headlines about the recent NIH-sponsored “CATIE” study comparing five anti-psychotic medications. The result, which i… Read More
  • Gritting Our Teeth

    I’ll tell you a company that’s been watching what’s happened to Merck and thinking hard about it: Sanofi. Well, OK, everyone in the industry h… Read More
  • An Economist Who Gets It

    Alex Tabarrok has finished up his short series on me-too drugs, and he’s done a fine job of hitting the nail on the head. It’s gratifying to see peo… Read More
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