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  • Blurry Copies

    Via Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution, I came across this editorial by John Gapper in the Financial Times on me-too drugs. Its points will be familiar to reade… Read More
  • Me Too, Part Two

    As came up in the comments to the previous post, there’s not as much price competition inside a given drug category as you’d think. That’s not… Read More
  • Hypertension and Marketing

    There were plenty of stories in the press today about the ALLHAT study, which showed that diuretics are still the most effective way to treat hypertension in mo… Read More
  • Merck and Its Competition

    There’s an interesting interview up at Business Week’s site with Anthony Ford-Hutchinson, a Merck research honcho. Much of the interview is routine: Read More
  • Our Buddies at the FDA

    Another question I’ve had posed to me is whether the FDA standards for drug approval are too tight (no one who writes to me seems to worry that they might… Read More
  • Adam Smith Goes Pharmaceutical

    As readers will have noted in my comments on drugs like Clarinex and Nexium, I certainly don’t think the industry I work in is always a one-hundred-percen… Read More
  • Innovation and Its Discontents

    Yesterday’s report on pharmaceutical cost and innovation got a lot of play in the media, including the ABC special last night (which I didn’t see mu… Read More
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