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  • Unclean Hands?

    Well, this doesn’t look good: reports are that the Gilead/Merck hepatitis C inhibitor patent case may be heading back into court under accusations that on… Read More
  • The Samumed Story

    Biopharma can be a weird place. Breakthroughs happen, although not as often as the press releases would have everyone believe, and we certainly don’t alwa… Read More
  • Generics Get Cheaper, As They Should

    Here’s a useful perspective from Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution: several recent studies have concluded that, over the last several years, generic dr… Read More
  • The CRISPR Interference Case

    Now this is going to be a complicated process indeed: the CRISPR patent dispute is now officially an interference proceeding at the USPTO. This was always a lik… Read More
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