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  • Confident

    I’m going to expand on one of the points brought up yesterday, about the reported drug industry executive who was confident that his company’s Alzheimer’s… Read More
  • Unknown – But You Can Buy It

    I sketched out a rather small molecule the other day, a perfectly reasonable looking thing, which nonetheless had absolutely no references in Chemical Abstracts… Read More
  • Hearing Footsteps

    The next few years don’t necessarily look good for several large drug companies, just because of the patents that will be expiring. King of them all is Lipito… Read More
  • Fixing the Patent System?

    For a good long time now, a massive piece of patent legislation has been working its way through Congress. It’s cleared the House and is on its way to the… Read More
  • Ugly, But Useful

      I also mentioned recently that I’d come across a good example of an academic compound with interesting activity but no chance of being a drug. Try this… Read More
  • Arsenic, Patents, and the World

    As I was mentioning the other day, the latest issue of Nature Medicine has the details on a story that doesn’t, on the face of it, do the industry any credit. Read More
  • Brazil Raises The Pirate Flag

    Back in 2005, the government of Brazil threatened to break the patent on Abbott’s HIV medication Kaletra if the price didn’t come down (see here and… Read More
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