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  • Generics Get Cheaper, As They Should

    Here’s a useful perspective from Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution: several recent studies have concluded that, over the last several years, generic dr… Read More
  • The CRISPR Interference Case

    Now this is going to be a complicated process indeed: the CRISPR patent dispute is now officially an interference proceeding at the USPTO. This was always a lik… Read More
  • The Problem With Patents

    Fair warning: this is a post about patents and IP. I say that because in the past, I’ve practically been able to see the readers fleeing in real time when… Read More
  • Alnylam Sues Dicerna

    Here’s the latest RNAi dustup: Alnylam has filed a “trade secret misappropriation” lawsuit against Dicerna (thanks to a commenter here for men… Read More
  • Nice Patent You Have There. . .

    This does not seem to me like a great advance in intellectual property law: this Bloomberg article says that some large investors are using the patent challenge… Read More
  • Who Owns CRISPR?

    Update: see also this post at Xconomy for a look at this issue. CRISPR/Cas9 is an excellent technique for gene manipulation. Its discovery is absolutely going t… Read More
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