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  • Business and Markets

    A Slight Cubist Complication

    This probably isn’t quite as embarrassing as it looks: the very day of Merck’s bid for Cubist Pharmaceuticals, the company loses a patent case for protection of its flagship drug. Cubicin (daptomycin) is by far the main source of revenue at the company right now ($800 million last year, and continuing to climb), and as… Read More
  • Cardiovascular Disease

    Amgen Claims It All

    There’s plenty of excitement about PCSK9, the latest LDL-lowering pathway to make it deep into the clinic. You can tell that companies (and investors) have high hopes for it, since it’s heading right into a market that’s dominated by generic statins. The optimism may well be justified – for example, Sanofi and Regeneron rece… Read More
  • Patents and IP

    Compensating Inventors: Good Idea Or Not?

    As an inventor of a new drug here in the US, you are most certainly on the patents that have been filed around it. What do these patents earn for you? Well, in the US, they earn you a hearty handshake (like the one that W. C. Fields used to get when he stopped a… Read More
  • Cancer

    An Open-Source Cancer Pitch, Deconstructed

    I’m confused. Read this and see if you end up the same way. TechCrunch has the story of Isaac Yonemoto, who’s crowdsourcing a project around a potential oncology compound. It’s a derivative of sibiromycin, a compound I hadn’t come across, but it seems that it was first studied in Russia, and then at Maryland. Yonemoto’ Read More
  • Cancer

    Is The Current Patent System Distorting Cancer Research?

    Via the Economist‘s “Free Exchange” blog comes this provocative paper (PDF) from the University of Chicago, Harvard, and MIT. Its authors are looking at the effect of patents on the oncology drug market, and they conclude that the current system is probably hurting patients (and the broader economy). That’s a big statement t… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    The Hep C Field Gets Nastier By the Minute

    What a mess there is in the hepatitis C world. Gilead is, famously, dominating the market with Sovaldi, whose price has set off all sorts of cost/benefit debates. The companies competing with them are scrambling to claim positions, and the Wall Street Journal says that AbbVie is really pulling out all the stops. Try this… Read More
  • Patents and IP

    What If Drug Patents Were Written Like Software Patents?

    Try this claim on for size and see how it fits: “A method for treating a human disease state by means of inhibiting an enzyme whose functioning contributes to that disease state, said means comprising the administration of a molecule of molecular weight between 100 and 750 Daltons (composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and… Read More
  • Patents and IP

    Oncoceutics’ Odd Press Releases (Spam Never Sleeps)

    That last entry about Oncoceutics attracted a comment that caught my eye. If you go to the company’s web site, and their press release page, there are some oddities. Somehow, the same robo-spammers who infect the comment sections of blogs have worked their way into the text of the company’s press releases. Here are some… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    A Horrible, Expensive, and Completely Avoidable Drug Development Mixup

    C&E News has a story today that is every medicinal chemist’s nightmare. We are paid to find and characterize chemical matter, and to develop it (by modifying structures and synthesizing analogs) into something that can be a drug. Key to that whole process is knowing what structure you have in the first place, and now… Read More
  • Patents and IP

    Crap, With the Force of Law Behind It

    There’s a piece up at Vox about some changes over the last few years at the US patent office. This will probably not come as good news to those people (and I’m one of them) who think that too much crap makes it through the system as is, but it appears that the PTO is… Read More