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  • Prep TLC: The Good Old Days Live On

    I did something in the lab the other day that I hadn’t done in several years: run some preparative TLC plates. I had some small reactions that needed to be cl… Read More
  • Elbow Room

    I hope that in decades to come that our current drugs look as crude as I think they will. For all of our knowledge and all our equipment, we still don’t h… Read More
  • Like Clockwork

    There are a lot of drug development issues that people outside the field (and beginning medicinal chemists) don’t think about. A significant one that soun… Read More
  • Proteomics 101

    Over at the entertaining culture-blog 2Blowhards, the comments to this post (on people who feel deficient in math ability) include a mention of proteomics, whic… Read More
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