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  • Taking Your Doses For You

    MIT’s Bob Langer has another idea: he’s looking to change the way that entire courses of treatment are dosed. What if an extended-release formulatio… Read More
  • Why Not Bromine?

    So here’s a question for the medicinal chemists: how come we don’t like bromoaromatics so much? I know I don’t, but I have trouble putting my… Read More
  • A New Way to Study Hepatotoxicity

    Every medicinal chemist fears and respects the liver. That’s where our drugs go to die, or at least to be severely tested by that organ’s array of p… Read More
  • Dosing by Body Surface Area

    We were talking about allometry around here the other day, which prompts me to mention this paper. It used the reports of resveratrol dosing in animals, crudely… Read More
  • A New Book on Scaffold Hopping

    I’ve been sent a copy of Scaffold Hopping in Medicinal Chemistry, a new volume from Wiley, edited by Nathan Brown of the Institute of Cancer Research in L… Read More
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