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  • Sulfur, Your Pal. Mostly.

    I had a question the other day in my e-mail about various sulfur-containing functional groups in drugs. My answers, condensed, were as follows: Sulfides: will a… Read More
  • Bigger And Greasier

    Several people have remarked on how large and greasy a molecule torcetrapib is, and speculated about whether that could have been one of its problems. Now, I ha… Read More
  • Down the Hatch

    We have a lot of received wisdom in the drug business, rules of thumb and things that everybody knows. One of the things that we all know is that the gut wall i… Read More
  • The March of Folly Leader Board

    The first comment to the original March of Folly post below mirrors the e-mail I’ve received: the people’s choice for the technology most-likely-to- Read More
  • How Drugs Die

    Everyone in the industry would like to do something about the failure rate of drugs in clinical trials. It would be far better to have not spent the time and mo… Read More
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