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  • Okay, One More Merck Point

    You know, there is one more thing about the Merck case I’d like address. This is brought on partly by the general press coverage of whether Merck knew thi… Read More
  • The Place to Be

    Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit fame, has some nice things to say about the drug industry in this piece on I appreciate it; we need all the good press… Read More
  • At Your Newsstand Today

    I’d like to recommend the latest issue of Science, which has a multi-part special section on drug discovery. (Problem is, that link will only work if you… Read More
  • And It Goes Like This

    It’s no wonder that there’s still so much argument over autism and vaccines. Paranoia is an endlessly renewable resource – big glowing hunks o… Read More
  • A Day in the Life of Peter Rost

    I last wrote about Pfizer executive Peter Rost back in September, after he’d unburdened himself on the subject of Canadian drug reimportation. As readers… Read More
  • Biotech At Last, Eh?

    There’s a recent piece in Business Week Online that says nice things about the biotech and pharma industries, and I should be happy about that. But there… Read More
  • Preach It, Brother

    Saturday’s New York Times had an astonishingly sensible article about the drug reimportation issue. (You can go ahead and insert the phrase “. . .es… Read More
  • Angell’s Book

    Update: (Much) more on this topic here. Readers are already asking me if I’ve read Marcia Angell’s new book, “The Truth About the Drug Compani… Read More
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