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    Nicholas Kristof had a column today (available on one of those private, subscription-only web sites here) with the title “The Hubris of the Humanities”. It’s a C.P. Snow-style “Two Cultures” lament, but at least it’s one from the non-science side of the gap: “In the U.S. and most of the Western world, it… Read More
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    Okadaic Acid Makes Vanity Fair

    Reader Jeff G. pointed out this blog post, which quotes the letters column in the most recent issue of Vanity Fair. The magazine ran a profile of Paris Hilton, about whom the less said the better, and quoted her in-the-same-category sister, Nicky, to the effect that she was working so hard, running multimillion-dollar companies and… Read More
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    Gene to Drug: You Bet

    I mentioned that the Wall Street Journal is running a free-access week. That’ll give you a chance to check out the Nov. 11th column by their science columnist, Sharon Begley, who sounds an appropriate note of caution about genomic-based drug discovery. (And I’m not saying that just because she quotes me). It’ll be good to… Read More
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    Say It Again!

    From the editorial pages of the Washington Post we have this, and I could not have said it better myself: . . .Unfortunately for Merck, scientific facts didn’t play much of a role in the first Vioxx trial, which ended on Aug. 19. The Texas jury in that case awarded $253.4 million to the widow… Read More
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    “. . .And to Furbish Falsehoods For a Magazine”

    I couldn’t resist linking to this article, part of a series in the Guardian. I’m afraid that he’s pretty much on target for most science stories in the news: “Science is done by scientists, who write it up. Then a press release is written by a non-scientist, who runs it by their non-scientist boss, who… Read More
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    Okay, One More Merck Point

    You know, there is one more thing about the Merck case I’d like address. This is brought on partly by the general press coverage of whether Merck knew this or hid that, and partly by an intensely irritating comment to Friday afternoon’s post. You would think, to hear the way some people talk, that no… Read More
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    The Place to Be

    Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit fame, has some nice things to say about the drug industry in this piece on I appreciate it; we need all the good press we can get these days. Says Glenn: “The pharmaceutical industry isn’t beyond criticism, of course. But I find most of the criticism rather strained, and all… Read More
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    At Your Newsstand Today

    I’d like to recommend the latest issue of Science, which has a multi-part special section on drug discovery. (Problem is, that link will only work if you’re a subscriber, and none of the content is outside the wall.) I’m not just plugging the articles because one of them quotes me, although that was a nice… Read More
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    And It Goes Like This

    It’s no wonder that there’s still so much argument over autism and vaccines. Paranoia is an endlessly renewable resource – big glowing hunks of it are always being dug out of the ground and put to use. For an unfortunately typical example, take a look at this piece from the New York Times. Some fifteen… Read More
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    A Day in the Life of Peter Rost

    I last wrote about Pfizer executive Peter Rost back in September, after he’d unburdened himself on the subject of Canadian drug reimportation. As readers will recall, his position on this issue is roughly that Canadian drug reimportation is a wonderful idea that needs to be implemented with all possible speed, which puts him rather at… Read More