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  • Dying By the Sword

    There have been several developments in the T*ing/Valeant world, that supposedly risk-free gravy train where you wait for others to discover the drugs, then you… Read More
  • Shkreli, Turing, and PhRMA

    There have been a few developments in the Turing Pharmaceuticals affair. Martin Shkreli, after given several fantastically annoying interviews, finally reversed… Read More
  • Optimistic Stem Cell Quotes

    How does the press cover stem cell work? You probably already know the answer to that one, but here’s proof: this paper examines the media coverage from 2… Read More
  • A Pharma Expert Weighs In

    In case you were wondering, Chuck Norris does not know what he’s talking about when he talks about drug discovery and development. In other news, I don… Read More
  • The New York TImes on Drug Discovery

    The New York Times Magazine has a piece on the current problems with drug discovery. I was interviewed by the author, and get I quoted at one point. Nothing in… Read More
  • Studies Show? Not So Fast.

    Yesterday’s post on yet another possible Alzheimer’s blood test illustrates, yet again, that understanding statistics is not a strength of most head… Read More
  • Is Palbociclib Promising? Or Not?

    Here’s a good test for whatever news outlets you might be using for biotech information. How are they handling Pfizer’s release of palbociclib infor… Read More
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