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  • The Public Perception of Chemistry

    I wanted to call attention to another blog roundtable, on several subjects related to how nonchemists see us and our business. The first post (at ScienceGeist)… Read More
  • Telling Everyone What It’s Like

    Here’s a op-ed from Josh Bloom (ex-Wyeth) in the New York Post that will resonate with a lot of people out there. A sample: The folks at Scientific Americ… Read More
  • The Failure of Modern Medicine?

    I was going to take a shot at this article myself, a piece in The Atlantic called “The Triumph of New Age Medicine”. But Matthew Herper at Forbes ha… Read More
  • Cardiac Hope and Cardiac Hype

    There have been quite a few headlines over the last few days like this one: “A New Drug Makes Hearts Repair Themselves”. Unfortunately, that’s… Read More
  • Even Worse Than Reality

    I found this article in The American Scholar via Arts and Letters Daily, entitled “Flacking for Big Pharma”. As you might have possibly guessed from… Read More
  • What A Fool Believes

    What’s going on over at Slate, anyway? So far this week we’ve been talking about that Timothy Noah article over there publicizing the bizarre Light… Read More
  • Engaging the Public?

    I noticed this editorial in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, on getting scientific results out to the public. It’s worth reading, but not in the w… Read More
  • Where Are the Cures?

    Emily Yoffe at Slate has a very accurate piece up on just how hard it is to make progress against things like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other ne… Read More
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